April 27, 2016

Top 5 Mobile Gaming Micro-moments

Top 5 Mobile Gaming Micro-moments

Mobile gamers are an interesting bunch. We should know. We are them.

The typical mobile gaming session transpires at home and at work, through commutes, across multiple different places and venues, intertwining in-game experiences with real world and real life happenings. We give props to Google for correctly identifying this phenomenon and coining the term "micro-moments" to describe the fragmented interactions in mobile gaming.

Data-driven Correlations

Mobile developers are acutely aware of these behaviors. Developers grapple with the challenges of comprehending and stitching hundreds of real-time intent-driven micro-sessions per user. Add to that the very real problems of high churn, low conversion and unpredictable monetization.

To dramatically improve user engagement, mobile developers need the right set of tools to seek data-driven correlations. Such tools should enable developers to link churn with digital moments as well as physical locations. Developers should be empowered to push notifications at the optimal moment to maximize impact. Deep analytics and actionable insights should feed into automated and personalized campaigns for faster conversions, higher LTV (life time value) and increased monetization.

Top Micro-moments

LotaData partners with developers across all categories and genres. Based on our data, the below graphics highlights the top 5 most common mobile gaming micro-moments.

The graphic also shows the most common real world moments that mobile developers should track in order to identify the right time and right place to reach users. Magical moments are discovered when strong correlations are established between the digital and the physical, allowing developers to engage with users in new and unique ways.

Strategy RPGs like Order and Chaos can enhance the RPG experience based on location by featuring real world places and POI names that gamers would instantly recognize around them.

Casual Games like Subway Surfer can engage users in the real world with contextual location-based and time-based power-ups and level-ups by partnering with brands, retailers and quick serve restaurants.

Action Games like Battle of Warplanes can target users seeking high adrenaline experiences at Blue Angels air shows, Fleet Week, Red Bull events, UFC / MMA fights, NFL games and X-Games.

Sports Games like FIFA 16 can correlate and analyze significant tagged in-app events with real world behaviors at cafes, airports, train stations and while in transit.

Casino Games like Zynga Poker can recognize moments when in-app transactions occur & select promoted packages by wealth indicator, brand affinity, income, education, occupation, lifestyle preferences.

Board Games like Monopoly and Game of Life can weave in the real world into game play by featuring premium real estate listings and celebrity luxury homes in partnership with local brokers.

GPS Games like Global Outbreak that combine the digital and physical worlds can add new dynamic real-time twists to gameplay based on actual physical events, news alerts, trending stories.

Tagging Micro-moments

Identifying and capturing micro-moments can be challenging for most developers. Off-the-shelf SDKs for manually tagging in-game and in-app micro-moments can result in laborious workflows. At CITYDATA.ai, we take great pride in our GeoSDK for dynamically identifying micro-moments based on usage patterns, providing deep analytics and insights, auto-enriching user profiles, auto-building audience segments and optimizing push notifications. But don't just take our word for it. Download the GeoSDK, take it for a spin and let us know what you think.