March 23, 2021

Mobile chatbot Eva assists field employees and remote workers

Mobile chatbot Eva assists field employees and remote workers
This blog posts highlights the newly launched CityTrace mobile chatbot app for engaging with and alerting field workers and remote employees based on their geolocation.  
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CITYDATA, the leader in geospatial AI for smarter cities and real-world businesses has launched their newest product, a mobile chatbot app for managers and supervisors to engage with their remote workforce.  

CityTrace is a mobile chatbot app to engage and notify remote employees, sales teams, project crews, and field assets in the real world. CityTrace is powered by Eva, the 24-hour geo-planner who connects employees with supervisors and facilitates continuous interaction based on exact geolocation.

CityTrace enables managers, supervisors, and business owners to accurately understand how their employees interact with places and geofences as they enter customer sites, exit trade areas, venture into restricted zones, or stay within the office. The app requests explicit consent and opt-in from employees to measure the presence, activity, and movement of employees in a privacy-compliant manner.

CityTrace mobile chatbot app. Powered by

The main features of CityTrace include:
* Unlimited accounts for employees and supervisors
* Create and assign unlimited geofences in the cloud
* Detect real-world context, place, business, or geofence
* Detect activity like walking, running, driving, stationary
* Automatically trigger in-app events based on user activity
* Display alerts or push notifications when based on user activity
* Map-based dashboard for geofences and heat maps
* Customer CRM sync for employee information
* Optional real-time view of devices and users
* Compliance with global privacy regulations

CITYTRACE process flow and data pipeline, powered by

CityTrace can push contextual content based on predefined rules and business triggers. Here are some use cases. The city supervisor can notify the public-works project crew about an urgent reprioritized task based on their current geolocation. A business owner can send messages to the store employees when the enter, stay within, or exit a specific store location. An infrastructure management firm can send alerts to their field workers when they are in the proximity of an active project that needs inspection. A sales leader can notify field sales reps about their daily itinerary and send specific notifications as they approach customer sites.

CITYTRACE geofence dwell report, daily data output, powered by

While CityTrace automatically infers geofenced events in the foreground and the background, the app is also designed to account for situations where auto-detection of geofence entry or exit events may not be possible. End users can manually check into or check out of geofences with a simple tap of a button within the app to record field activities and share with their supervisor.

CITYTRACE analytics dashboard in Google Data Studio, powered by

CityTrace is easy to deploy and free to try. The data insights collected by CityTrace are available to managers, supervisors, and business owners in the form of data APIs and daily data tables that can be easily viewed with off-the-shelf tools like Tableau, Excel, Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI or Amazon Quicksight. CityTrace also pairs perfectly with the online dashboard for app analytics and data insights.

If you are a city manager, planner, supervisor, project coordinator, sales leader, or business owner and would like to deploy CityTrace for your remote employees, please reach out to us at to get started with a free trial.