January 16, 2020

GovTech 100 list of innovative technology companies

CITYDATA.ai has consistently ranked in the top-100 list of companies that provide innovative technology solutions for local and regional government agencies.

GovTech 100 list of innovative technology companies

We are delighted to share that CITYDATA.ai made the prestigious GovTech 100 list for 2020. You might recollect that we were on the list in 2018 and 2019 as well. We are honored to be recognized by @GovTechNews as a #GovTech 100 company for 2020.

What is GovTech 100 ?

The GovTech 100 is an annual list of the top 100 companies focused on, making a difference in, and selling to state and local government agencies. The list represents a combination of Fortune 100 companies, public companies, large enterprises, and a handful of innovative startups, like CITYDATA.ai.

You will notice that marquee brands including Motorola, ESRI, Granicus, Hyperloop, Tyler, Socrata, CentralSquare, GTY, Accela, OpenGov, Mark43, Axon, Moovit, Neighborly, Nextdoor, The Boring Company (Tesla), and Sidewalk Labs (Google) are on the list this year.

CITYDATA.ai was one of the few startups to be included in the GovTech 100 list of companies for 2020. We've made the list for three years in a row. This is a significant achievement.

While it truly is an honor to be included in the echelon of such government technology powerhouses, it also is a testament to our platform and vision. The govtech market has seen expansive growth in 2019 and we are proud to be selected as a GovTech 100 company for 2020!

Why was CITYDATA.ai selected ?

CITYDASH.ai would be the one-word answer to that question.

What is CITYDASH.ai ?

CITYDASH.ai is the geospatial dashboard and the real-world knowledge graph for the public sector, with an easy-to-use map-based visual interface.

Cities are continuously trying to understand how residents and visitors interact and engage with their neighborhoods, assets, services, and spaces as they move about from one place to another.

CITYDASH.ai is the ultimate platform for aggregated, anonymized, and privacy-compliant daily data insights for every census block and every neighborhood in your city. CITYASH.ai analyzes people-presence, activity, and movement in an easy-to-use map-based visual dashboard that captures a trillion data points from a billion devices every month. With data for over 1000 cities worldwide, we set the standard for geospatial intelligence for the public sector.

The use cases include economic development, place-visit insights, urban mobility, asset tracking, public safety, 311 customer service, real-time push engagement, disaster resiliency, as well as city events, programs, and festivals.

CITYDASH.ai is priced for cities on a budget. The flat-rate monthly subscription price includes unlimited accounts, unlimited usage, top-tier service and support from our data scientists and geospatial experts. You can start with a free trial at any time.

Powered by CITYDATA.ai

CITYDATA.ai is a San Francisco based startup that has been featured in the GovTech 100 list for 2018, 2019, and 2020, an exclusive list of innovative companies that provide technology products and solutions for the public sector. We provides People Intelligenceā„¢ as a service for smarter cities and real-world businesses. By combining public and private data, our technology platform unlocks deep insights that were previously inaccessible to city departments. CITYDATA.ai makes it easy for city leaders to make data-driven decisions to create social impact and engage with local communities. Our AI platform, technology, and service are designed to make cities smarter, safer, and sustainable.