September 1, 2017

CityDash in AWS Smart City Marketplace

CityDash in AWS Smart City Marketplace

AWS Smart City Solutions

Amazon announced today the launch of their new Smart City Solutions Marketplace. The launch coincided with the NIST Global City Challenge in Washington D.C. where AWS Vice President Dave McCann took the stage to unveil their shiny new initiative. CityDash is featured in the top spot for citywide analytics in the AWS Marketplace.

CityDash SaaS Analytics

CityDash is the citywide analytics dashboard for government leaders and decision makers to create social impact by unlocking the wealth of insights in public and private data.

Powered by, CityDash correlates massive volumes of data across city departments, like 311 civic issues, crime reports, demographics, permits, city facilities, parks, local events and activities.

With powerful map-based visualization, dynamic charts, responsive user interface and customizable filters, CityDash is the new 24x7 Chief Data Officer in the cloud for cities on a budget.

LotaData CityDash
LotaData CityDash
CityDash Advantages
  • 100% Cloud-based software-as-a-service
  • Low cost solution and zero maintenance
  • Analyze & visualize any geospatial datasets
  • Correlate data across city departments
  • Easy and intuitive dashboard with filters
  • Internal view for managers and supervisors
  • External publicly accessible view for residents
  • Compatible with open APIs and data formats
  • Always-on customer service and support
CityDash in the News

Just today, Disruptor Daily named LotaData as a top-10 company using big data to build cities of the future. CityDash was featured in Inc. Magazine. CityDash was also covered by Government Technology Magazine, with a glowing video testimonial by long standing customer Tony Batalla, CIO for the City of San Leandro, California.

"We sit on this really important data, that if analyzed and given to us in a way that we can interpret correctly, could be really powerful, but we need outside partners like to do it" said Tony Batalla. "The CityDash dashboard helped us to make sense from our existing data as well as new data sources."
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