August 8, 2018

Geo-Analytics on Steroids !

Geo-Analytics on Steroids ! provides Mobile Analytics and People Intelligence with fascinating visuals for apps, publishers, demand partners, and telcos.

Team were heads-down developing version 2.0 of GeoDash for the better part of 2018. We are delighted to release the all-new GeoDash today (be sure to watch the preview video below).

Many of you are already familiar with CITYDATA's geo-analytics capabilities. Our platform ingests billions of mobile location data points every day and transforms them into actionable insights about the real-world behaviors of mobile users. We also produce audience segments that can be used for targeted engagement campaigns.

GeoDash 2.0 has all the capabilities of its predecessor, and much more. Mobile app developers can:

  • View location signals on the map in 3D and 2D
  • Analyze millions of data points in the browser
  • Transform all mobile app data into user profiles
  • Display top cities visited by all mobile users
  • Highlight top places visited by users in each city
  • Discover the brands and retailers preferred by users
  • Filter users by activity type: walk, run, drive
  • Filter visits and activities by weather conditions

App developers can extract data segments and behavioral cohorts using our APIs, from commute patterns to shopping trends and eating habits to fitness preferences. You can personalize your app experience to delight your users at the right moments. And optionally, you can choose to monetize your mobile data through us.

Mobile SDK

And where does all this location data come from, you ask? From SDKs in mobile apps, of course. We are also thrilled to unveil today version 2.5 of our Android GeoSDK with GDPR-grade data protection, airtight privacy policy, and a mandatory opt-in panel for user consent.

Data collected by our GeoSDK includes the minimum set of attributes listed below. Can your mobile app analytics suite do all this ?

latitude Geolocation latitude with level 5 precision
longitude Geolocation longitude with level 5 percision
utc_timestamp Timestamp of recorded location in epoch
accuracy Horizontal accuracy of device location
altitude Altitude in meters above WGS84 reference ellipsoid
speed Speed in meters/second over ground
course Bearing in degrees
device_model Model of the mobile phone
device_make Manufacturer brand of the mobile phone
device_os Operating system and version of the mobile phone
carrier Mobile network carrier or network operator
ad_id The privacy compliant advertising identifier
id_type Type of advertising identifier (idfa, aaid) collected
ad_opt_out Equivalent to the "do not track" flag
privacy_opt_in Explicitly opted into sharing data
collect_mode Foreground and/or background data collection
tracking_mode Manual, Stay Detection, Route Tracking, Hawkeye
events In-app events or tagged user actions

100% FREE

Did we mention GeoDash is FREE and the GeoSDK is FREE as well? So go ahead and sign up now, before our investors push us to evolve a business model with a pricing plan!

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