Environmental Sustainability Pledge

Environmental Sustainability Pledge

CITYDATA is committed to reducing the impact it and others have on the environment through its computational, operational, and research initiatives.

Small yet consistent steps in the right direction can make a hugely positive impact over time. While our team is remote and many of us work from our homes, we pledge to set planet-positive goals for our company and to do our part in the race against climate change.


We will turn out the lights when we are the last to leave a room. We will increase the use of renewable energy by installing solar panels in our homes and selecting coworking spaces that use renewable energy.


We will reduce food waste by not taking more than we can eat and saving leftovers for later.


We will take shorter showers, wash clothes using the cold water setting, and minimize water use in daily chores.


As much as possible, we will walk, bike, or take public transportation for job-related as well as personal activities. We will encourage the use of electric vehicles over internal combustion engines.


We will avoid using disposable items in the office or at home. Instead, we will use reusable flatware and dishware whenever possible. We will properly sort waste, composting, and recycling when possible.