October 25, 2021

CITYDATA partners with AutoTraffic and Vixionere to bring mobility data + Ai to Mexico

CITYDATA partners with AutoTraffic and Vixionere to bring mobility data + Ai to Mexico

CITYDATA.ai, the #1 company for mobility data intelligence for over 1500 global cities announced today their partnership with Autotraffic, Mexico’s #1 company for traffic management, and with Vixionere, the leading smart city data analytics company in Mexico. The broad partnership covers the CITYDASH mobility data platform, the CITYCHAT mobile chatbot citizen engagement app, the CITYWORKS chatbot solution for mobile workforce management, and the CITYFLOW mobile solution for fleet management

CITYDATA collects and curates fresh, anonymized, and aggregated mobility data for over 1500 cities and metropolitan areas worldwide. The daily datasets are normalized and transformed into density measurements and movement patterns for city agencies, mobility operators, AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) firms, UAM (urban air mobility) companies, academia, and non-profit organizations.

"We've been active in the LATAM market for the past 24 months, studying and building the foundational framework for mobility insights throughout the region", said Apurva Kumar, CEO of CITYDATA.ai.
"We've mapped the entire country of Mexico down to millions of manzanas and AGEBs defined by their National Institute of Statistics and Geography, INEGI. Our daily mobility patterns are disaggregated at the census block level and analyzed using our proprietary graph. We compute and publish the daily population heat maps for the top-50 cities and metro areas in Mexico. We've also meticulously archived our mobility data for Mexico. This allows us to perform historical analysis going back to January 2019. And our unique approach to machine learning enables us to rapidly train models for predictive insights," added Mr. Kumar.
Global Smart Cities Market Growth, Data Bridge Research

The global pandemic was a forcing function for cities to get smarter. Per research published by market sizing experts like Data Bridge, Grand View, iResearch, Markets and Markets, the global smart cities market size is expected to grow from ~ $400 Billion USD in 2020 to ~ $850 Billion USD by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of ~ 15%. Increasing demand for public safety, rising urban population, and new government funding is driving rapid growth in the smart cities vertical. Within smart cities, the smart transportation segment is estimated to account for the largest market size because of green initiatives, electrifications, and new mobility paradigms.

"AutoTraffic provides traffic management solutions and Vixionere provides mobility solutions throughout Mexico. We've been looking for a versatile on-demand SaaS platform for mobility intelligence. We scanned the entire landscape of GovTech data companies and we are thrilled to strike a strategic partnership with CITYDATA.ai. Their apps and platform are accurate, flexible, extensible and align with the expectations of our customers,  from place visits insights and mobility patterns to workforce management and citizen engagement. Combined with our own datasets, we now bring a powerful data intelligence platform to empower government leaders in Mexico to make timely data-driven decisions and accelerate civic innovation," said Alfonso Velez, Chief Operating Officer at AutoTraffic and founder of Vixionere.
CITYDATA.ai : People movement patterns between Tijuana, Mexico & San Diego, California, USA
"We know the answers to the questions 'how many people' and 'what are their movement patterns'", said Lucas Maffioli, head of business for CITYDATA in the LATAM region.
"LATAM is a dynamic market for mobility data intelligence. From Buenos Aires to Bogota, Mexico City to Montevideo, São Paulo to Santiago, Lima to La Paz, the one common thread we see is the need for meaningful daily mobility data insights for civic use cases. Our mobility platform is designed for global coverage. And the best part is that we've already localized our apps and dashboards to Spanish to make it super easy for LATAM customers to use our technology platform. Through our partnership with AutoTraffic in Mexico, municipal agencies in cities like Merida, Puebla, San Pedro Garza Garcia, Monterrey, Neza are already accessing our data + AI," added Mr. Maffioli.


CITYDATA.ai provides pattern-of-life mobility data + Ai for smart cities. CITYDATA knows the answers to the questions “how many people are in your city today” and “what are their movement patterns?”.

CITYDATA offers five main data-as-a-service products:

  1. CITYDASH: on-demand daily mobility insights for global cities across 60 countries
  2. CITYCHAT: mobile chatbot platform for citizen engagement and data sharing
  3. CITYFLOW: fleet tracking solution for cities, transportation, and enterprise businesses
  4. CITYWORKS: mobile workforce management solution for cities and businesses
  5. CITYSDK: an embeddable component for cities to use in their mobile apps

Founded in 2020 in San Francisco, California, CITYDATA provides fresh, accurate, daily insights that are essential for smart city programs, economic development, urban planning, mobility and transportation, tourism, disaster impact analysis, sustainability, and resilience.

You can reach the company via email at business@citydata.ai if you’d like to discuss your data needs and use cases. You can also follow the company on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the UniverCity.ai blog to stay updated on the newest innovations in mobility data + Ai.