January 18, 2021

CITYDATA.ai Opens Access to Census Demographic APIs Across 8 Countries

CITYDATA.ai Opens Access to  Census Demographic APIs Across 8 Countries
This blog post highlights the ready-to-use census open data with over +500 searchable demographic filters for the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, UK, and Singapore, that can be joined with hourly people-density and mobility patterns to solve real-world problems
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CITYDATA.ai, the global leader in geospatial intelligence for smarter cities, announced today that users of their technology platform can freely access demographic data for 8 countries based on census open data sources. The demographics data is available in the form of RESTful APIs with over 500 searchable filters. The data is also visualized in the browser through the map-based online dashboard, CITYDASH.ai

"CITYDATA.ai is all about data-driven insights to construct narratives about real-world observations. Our mobility data provides deep insights about people-density and movement patterns at the census block or neighborhood scale. Joining our mobility data with census demographic open data can unlock even deeper insights to explain the observed patterns", said Apurva (Apu) Kumar, CEO of CITYDATA.ai  

Census open data can be unwieldy. Every country implements census surveys with their own peculiar methodologies. CITYDATA.ai curates, categorizes, structures, and transforms census datasets into easy to use APIs so that researchers, data analysts, students, academics, and data scientists can be free from gnarly data wrangling and focus instead on analysis and correlations. Per Elder Research, data wrangling or munging can cost analytics professionals up to 80% of their time, leaving only 20% for exploration and modeling.

Data scientist would much rather focus on finding the answer to questions like "What are the income levels of people who commuted for at least 3 days in the past week?" . Producing such data insights requires joining the results sets of three distinct queries: (1) "How many people commuted for at least 3 days in the past week?", (2) "What neighborhoods did they come from?” and (3) “What is the census income distribution in such neighborhoods?”

"Many of our clients use census data when conducting geospatial analysis involving populations, for projects ranging from transportation planning, urban design, economic development, clean energy, to disaster resilience. Our users can enrich their geospatial projects with over 500 demographic attributes through an incredibly rich visual dashboard and also through data APIs. This integration provides them with a faster way for accessing and analyzing census open data to make better-informed decisions", said Lucas Maffioli, Head of LATAM Business at CITYDATA.ai

CITYDATA has classified and structured the census demographic open data into the below listed 12 groups.

  • Summary
  • Generation
  • Gender
  • Relationship
  • Ethnicity
  • Income
  • Education
  • Workforce
  • Household
  • Housing
  • Mobility
  • Insurance

CITYDATA's census demographic open data is available for the below listed 8 countries at this time, with 5 additional countries in the pipeline.

  • United States: 228664 census block groups
  • Italy : 402539 census areas
  • Spain: 35960 census areas
  • Brazil: 312402 census areas
  • Mexico: 80536 census areas
  • Canada: 65622 census areas
  • United Kingdom: 181408 census areas
  • Singapore: 328 census areas

To learn more about the latest updates and how to use census demographic open data APIs, sign up for a free account at https://citydata.ai