January 20, 2022

CITYDATA.ai is in the GovTech 100 list of companies for 2022

CITYDATA.ai is in the GovTech 100 list of companies for 2022
This blog post highlights the top-100 exemplary companies that raised the bar for technology innovation for local and regional government, and devoted their energies to the public sector.  

2022 began in spectacular style. We are delighted to share that CITYDATA.ai made the prestigious GovTech 100 list for 2022. @GovTechNews has recognized CITYDATA as a leader in civic innovation for local and regional government for two years straight. We are GovTech 100 for 2021 and 2022!

What is GovTech 100? Who's on the list this year?

The GovTech 100 is an annual list of the top 100 companies that provide technology innovation to state, regional, and local government agencies. The list represents a combination of Fortune 100 companies, public companies, large enterprises, and a curated selection of innovative startups, like CITYDATA.ai. The GovTech 100 list is nominated, compiled, and published by the public sector experts, industry luminaries, and the editors at the Government Technology Magazine, GovTech.com.

"Seven years in, government technology is having its ‘App Store Moment’. As the market for technology companies serving government has exploded, state and local agencies have never had more options for technology solutions that fit their specific needs," said Dustin Haisler, Chief Innovation Officer, GovTech.com (source)

Marquee brands including Accela, Axon, Central Square, ClearGov, ESRI, Granicus, GTY, Mark43, Motorola Solutions, OpenGov, RapidSOS, and Tyler are on the GovTech 100 list this year.

"It truly is an honor to be included in the echelon of such government technology powerhouses. The GovTech 100 recognition is testament to CITYDATA's platform and vision to democratize data and make our cities smarter, safer, and resilient. We are proud to have posted consistent growth year-over-year while serving the public sector," said Carl Nielson, Managing Director at CITYDATA.ai

The donut chart above segments the 100 companies based on the prevalent themes in the government technology vertical.

"Big Data, SaaS Solutions, Community Engagement, Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, Mobility, Transportation, Payments, Automation, and Disaster Resilience are upward trending themes for 2022 based on our analysis of the government technology space," said Lucas Maffioli, Head of LATAM Region at CITYDATA.ai

What is the role of data in government technology?

Prior to the pandemic, it would have been acceptable to admit that government technology generally lagged the other industry verticals. That is no longer true. COVID made it imperative for government agencies to expeditiously cross the chasm from legacy software to SaaS, cloud, data analytics, and workflow automation. The new normal is powered by AI chatbots, multilingual mobile apps, smart IoT sensors, virtual meetings, online town halls, and engagement through social media. The resulting digital transformation is generating even more data, enabling data + Ai companies like CITYDATA to join and analyze massive datasets to improve resident services.

CITYDATA.ai : Movement analysis before, during, after natural disasters. Key West, Florida, USA
"Data is the lifeblood of smart cities. CITYDATA makes it easy for city leaders to make data-driven decisions to optimize budgets, prioritize programs, create social impact, and engage with local communities," said Apurva "Apu" Kumar, CEO of CITYDATA.ai. "Our data insights provide the foundational measurements for enabling use cases related to economic development, mobility, transportation, 311 customer service, recreation and parks, resiliency and sustainability,"  he added.
CITYDATA.ai : People movement patterns for Greater Melbourne Metropolitan Area, Australia

While government agencies generate a lot of data, not all agencies are adept at collecting, refining, and analyzing their own data, let alone third-party datasets or open datasets. Larger cities tend to have relatively well-funded IT departments and data science teams. The top-100 cities around the world now have Chief Data Officers on staff. Every mayor, every city manager across the planet knows the value of data-driven decisioning. But mid-to-small cities may not have the skills or the budget to prioritize data. The size-bias and budget-bias make it more challenging for cities to embrace data. It is imperative to incentivize and empower mid-to-small cities with budget constraints to utilize data in their daily processes and operations.

"That is where CITYDATA comes in. We provide data + Ai for cities of all sizes, with a focus on empowering mid-to-smaller cities on tight budgets," said Yew Leong Lee who is based out of Singapore and heads up the Asia-Pacific Region at CITYDATA.ai

With strong tailwinds from the past two years, government technology is accelerating into 2022. Not only is the space ready for innovation and investment, but companies built to serve the government have become essential because COVID has dramatically accelerated the market adoption curve.

“As long as the macro-economic climate continues, even in a slight downturn there will be a lot of folks investing in government technology, in large part because of its stability.” said Steve Ressler, an advisor to many successful government technology companies. (source)

The viability of the government technology market has increasingly proven itself over the past two years. 2022 is shaping into a blockbuster year. Some of the key factors that have fueled this incredible growth are:

  1. Governments, for as slow as the bureaucracy can be, are often more
    stable sources of sales and returns than other areas of the economy. Governments simply cannot stop operating.
  2. Under-penetration of technology and older business models has made government technology ripe for disruption, presenting opportunities that are attracting both entrepreneurial interest and venture capital funding.
"There are more citizens every day who are digitally native and expect a certain level of service. COVID just dumped gas on the fire.” said Ron Bouganim, managing partner of the Govtech Fund. (source)
Source: Crunchbase


CITYDATA.ai provides pattern-of-life mobility data + Ai for smart cities. CITYDATA knows the answers to the questions “how many people are in your city today” and “what are their movement patterns?”.

CITYDATA offers five main data-as-a-service products:

  1. CITYDASH: on-demand daily mobility insights for global cities across 60 countries
  2. CITYCHAT: mobile chatbot platform for citizen engagement and data sharing
  3. CITYFLOW: fleet tracking solution for cities, transportation, and enterprise businesses
  4. CITYWORKS: mobile workforce management solution for cities and businesses
  5. CITYSDK: an embeddable component for cities to use in their mobile apps

Founded in 2020 in San Francisco, California, CITYDATA provides fresh, accurate, daily insights that are essential for smart city programs, economic development, urban planning, mobility and transportation, tourism, disaster impact analysis, sustainability, and resilience.

You can reach the company via email at business@citydata.ai if you’d like to discuss your data needs and use cases. You can also follow the company on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the UniverCity.ai blog to stay updated on the newest innovations in mobility data + Ai.