June 21, 2021

City of San Leandro, California powered by CITYDATA.ai wins Smart 50 Award for 2021

City of San Leandro, California powered by CITYDATA.ai wins Smart 50 Award for 2021

Smart Cities Connect (SCC) announced the Smart-50 Awards on for 2021 to recognize the 50 best projects for smarter cities.

2021 Smart 50 Awards were announced on May 24, 2021 by the Smart Cities Connect (SCC). CITYDATA.ai is honored to receive this award along with the City of San Leandro, California. We launched the CITYDASH.ai unified geospatial data dashboard for San Leandro by combining 12 datasets and finding correlations using our geospatial AI platform.

  • council districts
  • census open data
  • building footprints
  • 311 citizen feedback
  • 911 police service calls
  • weekly people-density
  • weekly mobility patterns
  • parks and recreation events
  • streetlight poles lighting points
  • electric vehicle charging stations
  • building and engineering permits
  • open wifi hot spots powered by SL-Wifiber

The CITYDASH.ai geospatial dashboard is complemented by the CITYCHAT.ai mobile chatbot app for community engagement and geofenced contextual alerts for neighborhoods within cities.

"Smartness – like growth – is not static; it is a constant practice. With the 2021 Smart 50 Awards we acknowledge and recognize the 50 best examples of  smart cities at work this year by highlighting specific projects with real municipal-scale results. These 50 are living, breathing examples and inspiration for us all in our daily work. Please join us in recognizing and celebrating their achievements.", Smart Cities Connect media announcement.

The complete list of 2021 Smart 50 Awardees can be found in the below table. Our congratulations to the cities and the technology vendors whose innovative efforts helped them win the awards.

Smart City Project City State
Smart Columbus Smart Mobility Hubs Columbus Ohio
Pivot App by Smart Columbus Columbus Ohio
Carlsbad Economic Recovery and Revitalization Initiative Carlsbad California
The Small World AI Project Tokyo Japan
Smart Wastewater Monitoring In Support of Environmental and Human Health Saskatoon Canada
Hopewell‚ Broadband Project Hopewell Virginia
Gainesville Smart Water Network Gainesville Georgia
ICA UTC Pedestrian Analysis Along The East M.L.King Boulevard Smart Corridor Chattanooga Tennessee
MicroNetwork For Citizen Surveillance of Air Quality In The Commune of Concon Concon Chile
City of Miramar Smart Building Energy Management Systems Miramar Florida
City of Miramar AMI Project Miramar Florida
Tenderloin Smart Waste and Community Identity Initiative SanFrancisco California
Arlington Texas: On-Demand Public Transit With AV Integration Arlington Texas
Water Treatment State of Modernization Project Albuquerque NewMexico
Pullman Police Department ‚Washington State University Research Fellowship Program Pullman Washington
Velodyne Intelligent Infrastructure Montreal, Kelowna, New Brunswick, Reno, Austin, and Boca Raton Various
First-Ever Smart Tree Monitoring Project Using Low-Power Wireless Network For Urban Forestry and Tree Management HongKong HongKong
The Tai O Village Pedestrian Traffic Monitoring Project TaiO HongKong
A Comprehensive Spatial Analysis and Onset Risk Prediction Platform For The COVID-19 Pandemic HongKong HongKong
Smart Curbside Management Corridor LasVegas Nevada
Plan, Pay, and Ride Across Israel: Moovit’s First National MaaS Launch, Israel’s Ministry of Transportation Israel Israel
Digitalization of The Education Process In The Municipal Schools In Plovdiv Plovdiv Bulgaria
City of Jacksonville Smart Water Meter Infrastructure Project Jacksonville Texas
Quantum1Net PuertoDeLaCruz Spain
Austin Energy Drives Electric Dealer Program Austin Texas
Innovation In Advancing Community Health and Fighting COVID-19 Tempe Arizona
Early Detection Wildfire Imagining Network (EDWIN) Layton, South Salt Lake, Murray City, Woodland Hills, and Orem Utah
Chattanooga Regional Crash Prediction Model Chattanooga Tennessee
Resilient Bay Area Virtual Power Plants Alameda County, San Mateo County, and Santa Clara County California
Station of Being Umeä Sweden
Smart Green Infrastructure Monitoring Systems Pilot Kitchener Canada
CityDash: Unified City-Wide Geospatial AI and Data Dashboard SanLeandro California
City of Vaughn AI LED Streetlight Retrofit Project Vaughan Canada
Salt Optimization with AI Vaughan Canada
WSSC Water Main Replacement Program Planning Laurel Maryland
Building America's Smartest City In Kansas With RUBICON SmartCity KansasCity Missouri
City of Indianapolis: Dine Out Indy Indianapolis Indiana
How The Village of Bolingbrook Used Zencity as Resident Feedback Data To Track and Increase Mask-Wearing Compliance Bolingbrook Illinois
Connected Beyond the Classroom SanAntonio Texas
Virtual Desktop Environment Hosted In The Cloud Corona California
payit St.Louis St.Louis Missouri
ENDEAVRide: Taxi + Telemedicine For Vulnerable Populations In Small and Rural Communities Nolansville Texas
SALI, An Advanced Criticala Aid System Establishing “Safe Zones” For Medical Response Marburg Germany
AI Road Quality Assessment Philadelphia Pennsylvania
City of Virginia Beach Traffic Data-Sharing Partnership VirginiaBeach Virginia
Road Paving Phase 2 With Roadbotics Montgomery Alabama
Starship Technologies ‚Fairfax City Partnership Fairfax Virginia
Project Aeolus Tucson Arizona
TikTak By Moovit On-Demand Haifa Israel
Snow and Ice Command Program Schaumburg Illinois

If you'd like to meet with the winning cities, administrators, and the technology vendors, be sure to register for the Smart 50 Awards Gala in Washington, D.C. this October, co-located with Smart Cities Connect Conference.


CITYDATA.ai provides pattern-of-life mobility data + Ai for smart cities. CITYDATA knows the answers to the questions “how many people are in your city today” and “what are their movement patterns?”.

CITYDATA offers five main data-as-a-service products:

  1. CITYDASH: on-demand daily mobility insights for global cities across 60 countries
  2. CITYCHAT: mobile chatbot platform for citizen engagement and data sharing
  3. CITYFLOW: fleet tracking solution for cities, transportation and enterprise businesses
  4. CITYWORKS: mobile workforce management solution for cities and businesses
  5. CITYSDK: an embeddable component for cities to use in their mobile apps

Founded in 2020 in San Francisco, California, CITYDATA provides fresh, accurate, daily insights that are essential for smart city programs, economic development, urban planning, mobility and transportation, tourism, disaster impact analysis, sustainability and resilience.

You can reach the company via email at business@citydata.ai if you’d like to discuss your data needs and use cases. You can also follow the company on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the UniverCity.ai blog to stay updated on the newest innovations in mobility data + Ai.