Company Overview

This video is meant to provide an overview of our company, mission, mobility data + Ai technology platform, team, business, pricing, customers, use cases, awards and recognition.

Mobility Intelligence for +1500 Cities Company Overview Video

Video section tags with timestamps

0:14 Problem
0:22 Intro
0:34 Solution
0:51 Platform
1:10 CityApps
1:25 CityDash
1:42 Use Case: Density Heat Maps: Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
1:50 Use Case: Movement OD Patterns: City of San Francisco, California
1:58 Use Case: Building Occupancy or Vacancy: City of San Jose, California
2:06 Use Case: IoT Site Selection: City of Bologna, Italy
2:13 Use Case: 5G Cell Site Selection: City of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2:21 Use Case: Urban Air Mobility: City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2:30 Use Case: Economic Development: Jakarta City, Indonesia
2:38 Use Case: Crime Patterns: Silicon Valley, California
2:43 Use Case: GEOINT Analysis: Novosibirsk City, Russia
2:49 Use Case: Informal Settlements: Mexico City, Mexico
2:55 Use Case: Conflict Zone Migration: Cucuta City, Colombia
3:03 Use Case: Disaster Impact: Key West, Florida
3:11 Historical Surveys
3:20 Privacy
3:34 Competition
3:54 Business
4:08 Customers
4:23 Mission
4:46 Team
5:01 Awards
5:12 Moonshot Labs
5:17 Join us


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