July 3, 2019

Cheat Code # 21 : Zoom into Heat Maps

Cheat Code # 21 : Zoom into Heat Maps

CityDash.ai is the ultimate platform for anonymized and aggregated daily data insights about people presence, activity, and movement for every block and every neighborhood in your city. But did you know that CityDash includes a whole bunch of shortcuts that make it super easy for you to use the dashboard? Over the course of the next few months, we will publish the top list of shortcuts or CityDash Cheat Codes to uplevel your dashboard skills.

Question: How can I view a zoomed-in heat map of people?

Cheat Code # 21: You can double-click any block group on the map to zoom in and visualize a fresh snapshot or heat map of people

Long Answer: CityDash displays people density maps for every city. The right panel within the dashboard shows the complete list of census block groups. You can scroll through the list and find your block group. We have observed that users of CityDash prefer map-based visual search and discovery. It is indeed much easier to visually identify the block based on its distinct shape or relative location. Once you've identified the block on the map, go ahead and double-click it. CityDash will automatically zoom in, load up the heat map based on the latest snapshot of people within the block, with a fresh count from mobile GPS data.

With data for over 1000 cities worldwide, CityDash.ai sets the standard for geospatial insights for the public sector. The best part is that CityDash.ai is free to sign up. Government agencies, NGOs, and non-profits can explore the platform at no cost for 30 days. At the end of the free trial, you can subscribe to our insights dashboard.

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