November 21, 2021

2021: The Year of Mobility Data + Artificial Intelligence

2021: The Year of Mobility Data + Artificial Intelligence

2021 was a stellar year at CITYDATA. We became the leading provider of mobility intelligence for smart cities. Our data + Ai platform evolved into a collection of apps, SDKs, APIs and cloud services. Government customers, mobility operators, energy companies, infrastructure firms, and enterprise businesses in many countries signed up to use CITYDATA. Our work was also recognized by the industry through awards and accolades.

United States Government
Moonshot Labs Program

CITYDATA was invited by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to their Moonshot Labs program for geospatial research & development.

SmartMove Award
Government of India

CITYDATA partnered the Center for Energy, Environment & Water (CEEW) to win the SmartMove Award for public transit supply-demand data analysis in Delhi, India.

Smart 50 Award
Smart Cities Connect

CITYDATA won the Smart50 award and the Future Ready award for the  CITYCHAT mobile chatbot app for engaging citizens with personalized geofenced alerts about crime, 311, permits, events, surveys, and more.

CoMotion Finalist
Urban Mobility Challenge

Just this month, CITYDATA was selected to present at the Urban Mobility Challenge in Los Angeles, the largest event focused on solving new mobility + climate change.

SG Geofest 2021
Government of Singapore

CITYDATA partnered with TNO and the National University of Singapore to discuss urban mobility and social impact at the largest geospatial event in Southeast Asia.

GovTech 100 List

At the start of the year, CITYDATA made the prestigious top-100 list of companies that provide technology innovation for government agencies and public sector entities.

While we have much to be thankful for in 2021, the best is yet to come in 2022. The trillion-dollar infrastructure bill is set to initiate a wave of local and regional government projects to rival the post world war two era when the United States built the greatest infrastructure in the world. We are gearing up to participate and contribute to this massive effort.

About is a global data + Ai company that makes cities smarter, safer and resilient through mobility intelligence. Our geospatial platform combines public and private data to unlock deep insights about how people interact with the real world. Founded in 2020 in San Francisco, CITYDATA knows the answer to the question: "how many people are in your city today and what are their movement patterns?" CITYDATA's portfolio includes CITYDASH: an online visual dashboard for daily mobility insights for over 1500 global cities, CITYCHAT: a mobile chatbot platform for citizen engagement through geofenced alerts, CITYWORKS: a mobile workforce management solution for the public sector, CITYFLOW: a fleet tracking chatbot app for mobility operators, CITYGRAPH: a knowledge graph with built-in machine learning, and CITYSDK: an embeddable component for mobile app developers to collect and curate high quality mobility data. You can contact CITYDATA by reaching out to them via email at